From the line-up: Stefan Reiss

German artist Stefan Reiss has the ability to present complicated scientific theories in a playful and creative way. For Amsterdam Light Festival he visualizes the abstract idea of the String Theory in his installation O.T. 976. This theory assumes that everything in the universe, from the people on earth to the most distant of stars, is connected by small vibrating “strings” so small that you can’t see them.

"The ropes I use have a direct connection to Amsterdam's trade tradition"

We asked Stefan what the most special element of his artwork is: "That would probably be the simple material of the ropes. They have a direct connection to the city of Amsterdam and its tradition of trade. These ropes were normally used to fix ships in the harbour. Now fixed in a metal installation these ropes are the projection surface for an animation of geometric elements and particles.

"Experiencing light art will more and more involve all your senses"

We also asked Stefan what his view is on the future of light art: "Light art will be more and more interactive. It will include the participation of the audience more. Motion detection systems, complex algorithms and elements of artificial intelligence will open light art to a participative, multi-layered experience of art, where you can't only perceive light, but space and interspace with your whole body and all senses.