The 5th Amsterdam Light Walk

In 2013 an idea to organize a citywalk in Amsterdam emerged. After a couple of meetings, the first ‘Amsterdam Light Walk’ was hosted on 27 December 2014, in accordance with the municipality of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Light Festival. Back then it was just for club members, a year later the first official edition took place. Going into its fifth edition, the initiative has grown into an event with 7000 participants. We spoke to Myrthe Bartelink, event manager at Le Champion.

You could say organizing an event this size is no ‘walk in the park’ but Bartelink isn’t fazed by it: “We’re also in charge of organizing the Dam tot Damloop, Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht, TCS Amsterdam Marathon and the Amster City Walk, so thankfully we can rely on a lot of knowledge and experience.”

"We’re constantly developing new, delightful and safe routes"

However, it’s still no small feat: they have to apply for a permit, make sure there is First Aid on site but that’s not all: “we also arrange care stations in accord with the theme, but making sure the route is clear with lit up route arrows also takes a lot of time” says Bartelink. There’s no sitting back for her: “We’re constantly developing new, delightful and safe routes.”

The event has two routes, one of 10 and one of 15 kilometres. “The Amsterdam Light Walk actually is suitable for everybody that wants to see Amsterdam in a new light” Bartelink adds. Not only the city is decorated with bright lights, but the participants also dress up in festive, custom-made outfits; attendees can fancy themselves in a true paradise of lights right in the heart of Amsterdam. You have until Monday December 10 to sign up!