Subthema: Future

As with any new technology, we cannot help but ponder what the future with AI will hold. How will it change our lives, our careers, our environment and our reality? The future is unknown and constantly invites all the possible imagination, assumptions and predictions Often we encounter divided contrasting opinions regarding AI and its future; Utopia vs Dystopia, Competition vs Collaboration and Evolution vs Revolution, for instance.

We hear of video editing and programming tools which complete tasks hundreds of times faster than a human, leaving us more time to think instead of pressing keys. It saves all the typing, clicking and operating that goes into every product, service and action. But in the same breath, we hear about all the jobs being lost by the people whose physical labor supports these industries.At the same time, AI is putting incredibly powerful tools within everyone's reach. Small business owners can run a marketing campaign without marketing experts. Interviewers can mix their audio files without an audio engineer. Artists can create numerous iterations of their concepts with a single click. This is already possible with AI still in its infancy, but soon it is expected to grow to expand into perhaps every facet of our lives, like the internet did. But we do not yet know the implications, potential danger and its impact on our civilization and its future.

These artworks look ahead and imagine our future with AI; what will our cities look like? How will we get advice on what’s best to do? How will we connect with each other and how will we see ourselves?