Subthema: Reality

What is real and what is fake? It is becoming increasingly difficult to know for sure. It’s of no surprise that there’s a worldwide surge in conspiracy theories and fake news. Thanks to Modern AI systems which achieved human-level performance on cognitive tasks, we are now faced with misrepresentation of truth or the multiplicity of reality.

DeepFake fooled us, Vladamir Putin’s hand passed through a solid microphone and twitter doesn’t fact-check anymore. It’s really no surprise that people don’t know what they can trust. We’ve all seen the videos of people jumping headfirst into a wall, completely unaware of their physical surroundings as they lose themselves completely in their virtual reality game. We can go anywhere in the world from the comfort of our sofa but how true are the experiences we have? Are we all still longing for truth or are we blissfully happy with our virtual experiences, lost in the Matrix?

These artworks invite you into a hyperreal multiverse or camouflaged portal to a different dimension. Or they might deceive your perceptions and alter your state of mind. They imagine the next step small for man - a giant leap into augmented reality.