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Op onze Light Stories pagina vind je artikelen, interviews, video’s en meer, over onder andere onze kunst, kunstenaars, thematisch onderzoek, en jury. Een plek om te lezen en je te laten inspireren. Voor nu alleen in het Engels, maar een Nederlandse versie komt eraan.


For Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 we have asked artists to consider the effects of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) on our everyday lives. The ways in which we communicate, engage and create are all impacted by technology and AI. What is the impact on the human condition? How does society change because of this digital evolution? And where are the boundaries? The different perspectives will be highlighted during Edition 12, with the theme: LOADING… Revealing Art, AI and Tech.




As with any new technology, we cannot help but ponder what the future with AI will hold. How will it change our lives, our careers, our environment and our reality? The future is unknown... Read more


What is real and what is fake? It is becoming increasingly difficult to know for sure. It’s of no surprise that there’s a worldwide surge in conspiracy theories and fake news. Thanks to Modern AI systems... Read more


AI has the ability to completely change the way we connect with one another. You might have already seen the rapid change in predictive text, how mobile phones and writing software almost... Read more


The Rise of Immersive Technology: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (2023).Tilo Hartmann.





Five questions, five answers with Lindsay Bartholomew, Exhibit Content and Experience Developer at the MIT Museum and jury member of Edition 12.

"I don't believe that people will ever stop wanting, and needing, to create..." Read more


Five questions, five answers with Emma Beauxis-Aussalet, Assistant Professor of Ethical Computing at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and jury member of Edition 12.

"I like art that questions how tech interacts with our world and psyche..." Read more


We've asked some of our artists a few questions about their view on the theme and their source for inspiration. View the videos below!