AD. Empty Domination

M. Watjer, J. Pielkenrood en W. Brand
Edition #8

Two enlarged billboards, or light boxes meant for outdoor advertising, are displayed prominently on the quay. The advertisements are missing; instead, the boxes are marked by their emptiness and the harsh white light they emit. Upon closer examination, the image does seem to change, ever so slightly. A black bar moves slowly down the screen. The layouts of various advertising posters become more and more visible to us.

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M. Watjer, J. Pielkenrood en W. Brand

Maria Watjer (NL, 1994), Jasmijn Pielkenrood (NL, 1997) and Wies Brand (NL, 1997) are students of the Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Design at the ‘Breitner Academie’ in Ams...

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AD.Empty Domination - Maria Watjer, Wies Brand & Jasmijn Pielkenrood