Amsterdam Light Festival is a foundation, meaning it's a non-profit organization with a board and management that non-profit. The festival is a private initiative, in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam, the cultural sector and many businesses.

Mission statement

Amsterdam Light Festival aims to utilize the universal power of light in the public space to connect and enrich people.


By opting for an accessible form of culture - the experience of light art in public space - we believe that we can positively contribute to the facets of contemporary challenges of visitors and inhabitants of the city. Especially during the time of the year where people need support to escape the dark, we offer possibilities to reflect and gain new insights.

Objectives (statutes)

1. To enhance culture and tourism in Amsterdam, by, amongst others, organzing a yearly-occuring winter festival.

2. The foundation will seek to reach her objectives by:
a. organizing a yearly-occuring cultural winter festival, by which light and water play important roles;
b. organizing (doing) and coordiating cultural, social and culinary activities in the city centre, during the festival period;
c. informing and enthusing the public and municipality about said event via all possible communication channels;
d. conducting other activities in the interest Amsterdam.

3. The foundation is not for profit.

4. Board members do not receive rewards for their activities. They are, however, allowed to charge expenses related to their function to the foundation.

A shared passion

Without the support of partners, sponsors, funds and volunteers Amsterdam Light Festival would cease to exist. We create the festival togeher, with a shared passion for light art. Besides, given our ANBI status, donators may enjoy tax advantages.