Amsterdam Light Festival is a foundation. The festival is a private initiative in collaboration with the municipality, the cultural sector and various businesses. Below you can find information about the foundation and what we can do for each other!

Board and management

The festival is a foundation, meaning we have a board and a management, who act on a non-profit basis. The festival's management is done by director Frédérique ter Brugge and the board consists of representatives of corporate and cultural organizations in Amsterdam.

Frédérique ter Brugge (managing director)
Felix Guttmann (Chairman & Co-initiator)
Hans Bakker (Treasurer)
Björn Stenvers (Board member)
Paul Jongen (Advisor)


As a foundation we have a cultural ANBI status. ANBI stands for ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’. This means that our festival is committed to the public benefit for at least 90%. It also means that there are fiscal advantages regarding gifts and donations. Under certain conditions, donators can have a number of tax advantages. Contact us at to discuss the different possibilities. Curious about the other ways in which you can support our festival? Click the button below.


Statutory information


To accelerate culture and tourism in Amsterdam, by, amongst other things, hosting a yearly recurring winter festival.


1. To enhance culture and tourism in Amsterdam, by, amongst others, organzing a yearly-occuring winter festival.

2. The foundation will seek to reach her objectives by:
    a. organizing a yearly-occuring cultural winter festival, by which light and water play important roles;
    b. organizing (doing) and coordiating cultural, social and culinary activities in the city centre, during the festival period;
    c. informing and enthusing the public and municipality about said event via all possible communication channels;
    d. conducting other activities in the interest Amsterdam.

3. The foundation is not for profit.

4. Board members do not receive rewards for their activities. They are, however, allowed to charge expenses related to their function to the foundation.


Stichting Amsterdam Light Festival
Contact details:
Stichting Amsterdam Light Festival
Weesperplein 4A
1018 XA Amsterdam

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