Ever since the first festival edition in 2012, Amsterdam Light Festival actively commits itself to enthuse a new generation about (light) art. With various programs we focus on primary, secondary and higher education. Around 850 primary school students participate in our education project every year. Furthermore, we guide students from technical high school to create light art prototypes and we work together with higher educational institutions to provide a stage to upcoming, talented artists.

Light art for a new generation

In collaboration with Juf op Straat we host a number of workshops, where primary school studenss learn about creativity, technology and light as an art form. The students are then guided by an (inter)national artist to make a contribution to an artwork that's part of the festival route. 


Join us!

Do you want to participate in an education project with your school? Send an email to You can find more information about Edition #10 on this page. 

Light Lab Technasium

We work together with technical high schools in the Light Lab Technasium project. Students learn about the process of making a light artwork. During the festival, all students (and their parents/caregivers) are invited to see the premiere of their artwork.


Stage for talent

Each year we reserve a spot in the route for young, upcoming artists. In collaboration with the Breitner Acadamy, talented students are selected to co-create a light artwork under the guidance of the festival.