Since the first edition of Amsterdam Light Festival in 2012 we actively aim to enthuse a new generation about (light) art.

Primary Education

Since 2021 we mainly focus on primary education (see the possibilities for secondary education below).

Approximately 1500 primary school students from all over Amsterdam learn about creativity, technology and light as a form of art in a series of workshops. The education project combines art, science, tech and citizenship. Together with an artist, the students work on one of the light artworks in the route, thereby participating in a large cultural festival in their own city.

Check out the aftermovie of the project of Edition 11 below:


This year we have a special project about connections: connections in the classroom, the city and the technological connections of AI. Click the button below to learn more about this year's project and sign your school up!

Education project Edition 12

Workshop Editie 11

Secondary Education

Secondary education students can visit the festival on an excursion via CJP. For more info and to sign up, please send an email to

Educatiekunstwerk Editie 11. Kinderen leverden bijdrage met tekening op groot beeld van een meisje met een oplichtend stokje in haar hand.
Meisje met het Zwavelstokje, Aldo Brinkhoff voor Stiching Nieuwe Helden (2021).