Edition #7

Painting with light - it sounds magical but impossible. But people have been doing it for a long time – since 1889! It’s not difficult to do, you move a lamp through a dark space and capture these movements in a photograph using a camera with a slow shutter speed.

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The Japanese artists Takeshi Nagata (1978) and Kazue Monno are a couple and have been working together as the artistic duo TOCHKA since 1998. They invented a method of light painting, PiKA PiKA, in which they combine photography with a slow shutter speed and stop-motion animation. They have been awarded prizes for projects that have incorporated this technique at the Holland Animation Film Festival, the Japan Media Arts Festival and the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Nagata is also a professor at the University of Osaka, where he teaches in the Digital Games Department. Monno has her own art practice and writes scripts and storyboards for animations.


Neighbours- TOCHKA