To use the universal language of light art in the public space to connect and enrich people.


We think that art must be made as accessible as possible, by bringing it to people. We believe that interventions in a familiar environment can lead to new energy and insights. By presenting light art in the public space we are able to impact a large audience: in the urban and in the digital world. This way we positively contribute to contemporary challenges of inhabitants and visitors of the city.


Programming light art in and on the water of Amsterdam demands permanent creativity and resourcefulness: artistically, technically, and organisationally.

As a cultural festival in the public space, we are firmly rooted in society. We are here for everyone; we share and connect.

We cherish our origins within Amsterdam's network of entrepreneurs. It's no coincidence that we take the lead in creating long-term and active collaborations with (cultural) institutions, businesses, and other organisations.

Our social mission and presence in public space entail responsibilities that we embrace. Amsterdam Light Festival is there for Amsterdam.

People in a boat, cruising underneath the colourful artwork

Our philosophy

The core of the foundation's philosophy's is co-creation; we work together with many stakeholders in all facets of the festival and empower each other to bring about one, multivocal story.

Amsterdam Light Festival highly values creativity and technical quality. This is guaranteed by making strategic connections, on both social and operational domains, to the (artistic) expertise of specialists. In this way, we continuously inspire ourselves and we stay flexible to move along with society and to guarantee and strengthen our artistic congruence.


The build-up of a 13m tall artwork from a cherrypicker.

The team

A shared passion for light art connects the team that actively aims to have a meaningful impact on society year-round. The artistic management team – consisting of Frédérique ter Brugge (director), Jin Choi (lead curator) and Niels Carels (lead storyteller) – guides the rest of the core team, consisting of Christopher Grabski (junior curator), Joanne de Roest (productie & operations), Gosse de Kort (co-creation), Joshua Lindeman (permanent art), Ping Gao (finance), Gonny Groothuis (office manager), Koen in 't Veld (partnerships), Elise van Heck (development), Janette van der Valk (stakeholder marketing), Nicoline Meijer (visitor marketing), Friso Bleeker (marketing), Else-Marie Rombouts (education), Michal Kranenhuss (project coordinator), Shirley Ultee (hr). Next to that, the artworks are built up and mantained by a fantastic technical production crew and we work together with many freelancers and interns.

Team of Amsterdam Light Festival during the opening of Edition 12.

Festival patroness

Succeeding Eberhard van der Laan, Femke Halsema has been patroness of Amsterdam Light Festival since 2020. She symbolically opened both Edition 7 and Edition 8. Femke Halsema: "Amsterdam Light Festival is very dear to me, because the festival does not only illuminate the city with art, it brings together residents and visitors".

Group photo of mayo and directors of the festival.
F.l.t.r: Lennart Booij, Frédérique ter Brugge, Femke Halsema & Felix Guttmann during the opening of Edition 7.

Our office @ Capital C

Since April 2021 our office is located in Capital C at Weesperplein. This former diamond trading building now houses office, co-working spaces and meeting rooms, where creativity is the central focus. A place where we feel at home.


Aerial view of the office building, with the high light event space on the roof lit.