While cruising the canals of Amsterdam, you’ll enjoy the most appealing artworks of the past nine festival editions. You’ve got the best view of the artworks from the water. Below you will find more information on the different types of cruising experiences?

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Canal cruise

From the comfort of a heated canal boat, you will enjoy a 75 min (approx.) canal cruise, sailing past all of the light artworks. Your experience starts at the cozy decorated departure piers. On board you will enjoy the Celebrate Light audio guide, which tells you all the stories about 10 years of light art. The canal cruises are operated by our Official Partners.

Open boats

From an open boat you will experience the light artworks from up close, in an intimate small-group setting. The skipper sails you past all of the artworks and shares the stories of the artworks and the theme Celebrate Light. For those who get cold easily there are blankets on board and in case of extremely bad weather the boats can be covered. The open boat cruises are operated by our Official Partners.

Celebrate Light

This winter revolves around Celebrate Light. The festival route is made up of more than 20 light artworks, consisting of the highlights of the past nine editions. The most appealing, inspiring and popular artworks make a comeback on the canals of Amsterdam, next to a couple of new works especially created for Edition #10. Together we look back at a decade of light art and we celebrate the tenth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival.

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Are you excited about this anniversary edition yet and don’t want to miss out on this unique experience? Purchase your tickets now for Amsterdam Light Festival Edition #10! An adult ticket costs €26,50, a kid's ticket €13,25 and children until the age of 4 can go for free. If you have any other questions, please take a look at our FAQ.