What we do

In the past ten years the festival has developed in several ways. Today, the foundation is actively committed to the light art discipline.


Every winter a new edition of Amsterdam Light Festival is organized, with artworks that are created especially for the festival. Next to that, in collaboration with artists, partners and various stakeholders, the festival organizes special projects. The education project (in which hundreds of primary school students take part) and the collaboration with the Breitner Academy (in which young talent co-creates an artwork for the festival) have been part of every edition for seven years. Moreover, as of last year a new project has been added called Light Lab, during which students of technasium school create light art prototypes. There are also special evenings and experiences hosted for residents, eldery people and other vulnerable groups.

Education Partners


Next to the yearly occurring festival the foundation actively aims to spread the light. This takes place in several ways:

Some of the artworks of the collection have received a permanent spot in Amsterdam. From the Sloterplas to city district South, there is a bit of light festival to be found all over Amsterdam. The button below leads you to an overview of the different artworks and their locations. Did you know that, next to our artworks, there is a lot of light art to be found in the city? On this page you will find a map with all the locations!

Permanent artworks

Of course we will not let the artworks lose their shine after the festival, by storing them away. Instead, many of the light artworks become part of an internationally travelling collection. This collection is managed by Light Art Collection. The team of Light Art Collection makes sure that the artworks can illuminate cities from all over the world. As of today, the works have travelled from London to Baltimore and from Athens to Riyadh.

Light Art Collection

With over a decade of experience we like to share our knowledge about the discipline of light art. The development, placement and ways to experience light art is a unique undertaking. We are motivated and enthusiastic to give advice about developing new works for special occasions or locations, to placing an artwork with relation to its (urban) environment and linking them to contemporary issues. Furthermore, we can share our experience with audiences via guest lectures or presentations.

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