UxU Studio

Your lips are even more sensitive than your fingertips. They contain as many as 10,000 nerve endings that send signals to your brain. Lips have often been elevated to the status of an artwork. Just like Taiwanese artists UxU Studio for upcoming festival edition.

With the enormous amount of light that make up the artwork 'Desire', the artists give you an idea of how much information your lips can pass on: "We use more than 1,500 warning lights. Everything was made by hand, which means that each step of the construction repeats itself more than 1,500 times."

UxU often brings a playful element to their installations, which can also be seen in 'Desire' if you look closely. From the side, the image of the lips disappears, and you see a heartbeat instead - our hearts beat faster with strong desires. But giving in to your desires can be dangerous: the red lights, much like a traffic light, are also a warning.

DESIRE is supported by Canal Tours Amsterdam - part of Stromma Netherlands