4 weeks to go...

The construction of the artworks has started and the educational projects are in full swing. With only 4 weeks to go until Edition #10 we are counting down the days! In the meantime you can follow all the developments closely.


As of today the construction for Edition #10 has started. This morning the materials were delivered and our tech-team has begun to prepare their main work area. A large part of the artworks had to be revised and some of them have to be made anew, completely from scratch. Curious to see the progress? Then follow our social media channels for exclusive behind-the-scenes content.



As of last week our workshops have started at several primary schools in Amsterdam, in which approx. 1000 students take part. The workshops are part of a larger campaign against child poverty. The kids learn about activism and make a contribution to an installation that will be part of the festival route.

Furthermore, five technasium schools take part in the Light Lab Technasium project. Within the school's course Research & Design the students have received an assignment to make a light garland. This way they single handedly discover what the process of creating a light artwork looks like.

For the 7th edition in a row, three talented students of the Breitner Academy make a light artwork, under guidance of a teacher and the festival. This year, the selected students are Kyra van Baar, Naomi de Bruijn and Kira Ressing, who will turn their fascination for everyday light phenomena into a light artwork.

You can follow all the projects via the project pages!