Ever wondered what it is like to join the Open Call? We have asked some of the artists who have been through the whole experience, from concept to artwork, to share their stories with us.

From concept to artwork

For Edition 12 of Amsterdam Light Festival, Indian artist Vibhor Sogani approached the festival and was invited to create an artwork. Because of this pleasant experience, Sogani submitted a concept for the Open Call of Edition 13, for which he was selected. “The thought of having my creation in the exotic and extraordinary city of Amsterdam was a drive enough to create something special, and to participate in the ALF open call”, according to the artist.

Pool of Dreams by Vibhor Sogani, Edition 12 (2023-2024)

“The reward when the festival opens and all the lights are turned on is unbelievable.”

Dutch artist Wilhelmusvlug has participated in the festival numerous times. About all of his experiences he says: “I love the Open Calls of the Amsterdam Light Festival because I get stimulated to create art in a public space that would be impossible for me to make without their support. Building large art installations in a public space in the winter is always a big challenge, but one I love very much and the reward when the festival opens and all the lights are turned on is unbelievable.”

Icebreaker by Wilhelmusvlug, Edition 8 (2019-2020)

British artist Tom Biddulph shares a similar experience: “My favourite part about the open call was coming up with an idea, and then twelve months later being able to sail a boat through the artwork we sketched out.”

Night Vision by Tom Biddulph, Edition 7 (2018-2019)
Night Vision by Tom Biddulph & Barbara Ryan, Edition 7 (2018-2019)

The artworks may be created especially for Amsterdam, however, after the festival is over many installations travel all over the world. This has also been the case for British artist Gali May Lucas, who submitted her artwork Absorbed by Light during the Open Call of Edition 7: “It’s been a remarkable journey since. Seeing it exhibited all over the world from the streets of Taiwan to the beautiful Niagara Falls and many more incredible places.”

Absorbed by Light by Gali May Lucas, Edition 7 (2018-2019)

“It’s so inspiring to meet other artists and hear their interpretations of the theme.”

Lucas’ submission for Edition 13 has been selected again, about which she says: “I loved attending the kick-off session in Amsterdam this year with all the fellow selected artists. I found it so inspiring being in the same room as everyone else and hearing their own unique personal interpretation of the theme Rituals; we had all read the exact same brief, but the outcomes were all so different.”

Edition 14

Want to participate in the Open Call yourself? The call for Edition 14 (2025-2026) is open until 14 April, 23.59h CET. We invite everyone to submit a concept for a light artwork. For more information, click the button below.