Light art to connect and support

On the Bijlmerplein the light artwork Flower of People is on show, until February 9. Together with Thrive Amsterdam Mentaal Gezond and Amsterdam Light Festival, the city district calls for people to support each other during dark days.

The light artwork is created by Beeldjutters. From a flowing sea of illuminated dots, three dancing silhouettes emerge. They slowly fall apart to become one new silhouette again. From one powerful movement it comes to live, just like flower in bloom. Vincent Vriens of Beeldjutters says: "it is about people and how they can live together in harmony".

Sociale support
One in three Amsterdammers deals with mental issues in their surroundings, from small to big problems. This not only affects the individual themselves, but also their family, neighbours, friends and colleagues. Everybody knows someone who is struggling. Research states that the best way to prevent mental problems is by social support. Hence this call to talk about it, together.

Thrive Amsterdam Mentaal Gezond
Thrive Amsterdam Mentaal Gezond is a starting social movement that wants mental health to be a core topic in the hearts and minds of people in Amsterdam, organizations and policy makers. Thrive connects organizations and Amsterdammers, knowledge and organizations. On the website of Thrive Amsterdam you can find free tips, tools and help lines.

Amsterdam Light Festival
Next to the yearly occurring festival, the organization is busy year round to actively spread light. In collaboration with artists, partners and stakeholders from the city, special projects are realized with the ultimate goal to connect and enrich people.