Plan your visit now!

Next week our ticket sale starts. Are you going to experience the light artworks by foot or by boat? Start planning your visit now! 


Experience Edition#10 by foot or by boat and get taken along the light artworks and stories regarding the theme Celebrate Light. From the water, you have a unique experience; from a cozy, heated canal cruise you will enjoy the Celebrate Light audio guide and from an open boat you get the best view, while being in an intiamte, small-group setting.


The light artworks can also be enjoyed from the land, via your mobile phone. Do you want to be in charge of the route? Then get our digital route map, containing all the locations and descriptions of the artworks. Prefer to listen to the stories? Then go for our brand new walk audio guide.


Vergeet niet je vrienden, familie of die ene gezellige buur mee te nemen - samen vieren we namelijk 10 jaar Amsterdam Lihgt Festival. Op de hoogte blijven van het laatste nieuws en exclusieve behind-the-scenes ontvangen? Schrijf je dan in voor onze nieuwsbrief!


Wandelen tijdens Amsterdam Light Festival Editie #10.