The ticket sale is live!

From today on you can get your tickets for Amsterdam Light Festival Edition #10! Decide in which way you'd like to experience the festival, tag along your family and friends and get your tickets in our brand new ticket shop!

Coming winter we celebrate 10 years of Amsterdam Light Festival. A special anniversary edition with the suitable theme Celebrate Light. Together we look back at 10 years of light art, with the most appealing, inspiring and popular artworks of the past nine editions making a comeback on the canals of Amsterdam.


From the water you experience the light artworks in a unique way; in a cozy, heated canal cruise boat you listen to the Celebrate Light audio guide and in an open boat you enjoy the light artworks from an intimate group setting.


Prefer to go by foot? This year the light artworks can be enjoyed from the land, via your smartphone. Do you want to take the lead then get the digital map, with all locations and descriptions of the artworks. Prefer to listen to the stories? Then pick our audiotour.


Wandelen tijdens Amsterdam Light Festival Editie #10.