Light Lab Technasium

with Caland Lyceum, Damstede Lyceum, Ir. Lely Lyceum, IJburg College and Kaj Munk College.

During Light Lab Technasium students of five different technasium schools from Amsterdam will learn about light art, during the course "Research and Design". VWO and HAVO students are challenged creatively to think about the creation process of light art. The students must sketch and develop a garland, which corresponds with the theme Celebrate Light. Together with artist, designer and inventor Eibert Draisma the students experiment with light and materials, to research all kinds of possibilities.

The festival is over and unfortunately, all artworks are being taken down. We are curious to hear your opinion on Editio #10; let us know!


The prototypes are installed behind the windows of the National Opera & Ballet building. A perfect spot, in the middle of the route. Go check them out!

17.12.2021 - CRUISE
Light Lab Technasium ends with a cruise past all the artworks of this year’s edition. It really felt like a field trip. Students were drawing in the drawing books and playing cards with each other. They enjoyed the artworks and took many photos. Some students even guided during the trip, see the photos below!

02.12.2021 - EDITION #10 HAS BEGUN
The tenth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival has started! Despite the restrictions and covid measures, 23 light artworks will illuminate the city for 53 days. We are looking for the perfect spot to exhibit the garlands.

23.11.2021 - THE GARLANDS
Last week, and the upcoming weeks, the students will present their garlands. They will be judged on the originality of their idea, the garland itself with its use of light and their enthusiasm during the presentation. Below you can see a few garlands made by different groups.

16.11.2021 - FINAL RATING
Every group has now created a real light garland. The final rating and grading can begin! A lot of different ideas have been worked out. What grade would you give the garland below?

The students are busy with their garlands. This week Eibert has passed by the schools to see how the groups are doing. There were many fun garlands! Eibert gave technical feedback, to elevate the quality of the prototypes. We're wondering what the garlands are going to look like...

Today the students are not in a class room, but at the NDSM-werf! They're visiting the studio of Eibert Draisma, where he gives an inspiration workshop. With an arduino, a laptop and an LED strip they have to experiment with light. When each group manages to light up the LED strips, they work on s combining different materials with the light. They examine the effects and rhythm of light, which they can program with the arduino. Below you can see some of the experiments!

Leerlingen met een Ledstrip in de vorm van een vlaggetje, elektriciteitsdraden en druk in bespreking met elkaar.

13.09.2021 - BRAINSTORM!
Roos Hollander (curator Amsterdam Light Festival) and Eibert Draisma (designer, inventor and artists) host a brainstorm class. The students have to individually pick a subject, look for keywords and make a moodboard. The moodboard consists of a collage of pictures that have to do with their chosen subject. Many ideas were come up with, such as fireworks, amusement parks, Las Vegas and basketball.

Moodboard van een student met daarop lampen, bloemen en lichtjes.

02.09.2021 - THE ASSIGNMENT
Students from Caland Lyceum, Damstede Lyceum, Ir. Lely Lyceum, Ijburg College and Kaj Munk College will receive a special assignment concerning the tenth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival:

The instructor expects a prototype of a light art object, which appeals to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The students must create a festive garland and has to be in line with the assignment's requirements. The idea behind the object is this year's festival theme: Celebrate Light, where the creative use of light is of high importance.

The teachers give an introduction lesson about the managing of a cultural festival like Amsterdam Light Festival. Students get to know the history of light art and they get to see a sneak peek of Editon #10.

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