Ten years

Amsterdam Light Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary this year! Together with the citizens and visitors of Amsterdam we look back at a decade of light art. Furthermore, the most appealing, inspiring and popular light artworks of the past nine editions will return to the canals of Amsterdam.


The first edition of Amsterdam Light Festival took place in 2012. In the years that followed, the festival grew to be an international stage for both renowned and upcoming artists. Through various festival themes, the artworks brought contemporary issues to light. But artists also used the art form to surprise, tell stories and to transform the urban surrounding of the artwork. After ten years of illuminating the dark winter months, we celebrate this incredible milestone by looking back at the past decade. Curious to know more about the history of the festival? Take a look here.


After each festival the lion’s share of the artworks become part of our own collection, which then travels around the world. It is now time to bring the highlights back to Amsterdam! The total route will consist of more than 20 light artworks, including the public’s favourites and some newly developed artworks for Edition #10. Want to know more? Soon you can follow these project pages, to stay updated on the progress of several projects.

Celebrate Light

For ten years already, Amsterdam Light Festival has illuminated the dark days. To celebrate this milestone, we involve the city, its inhabitants and its visitors to celebrate Edition #10. This celebration is done together, for instance, we have asked our fans to vote for their favourite artworks to make a comeback this winter. Moreover, we want to shine a light on those who cannot automatically join our celebrations. We involve children and students from all ages, we put elderly people that suffer from loneliness in the spotlight and through our education project we highlight the topic of child poverty in Amsterdam.

Edition #10

Coming edition promises to be very special! After a year without a traditional festival experience, we expect to be fully back this winter, to celebrate 10 years of Amsterdam Light Festival together. Want to know more about the different ways to experience the festival? Take a look at our ticket shop here! Edition #10 takes place from December 2 2021 until January 23 2022.

10 jaar Amsterdam Light Festival logo
We've got a special anniversary logo for this edition!