Ten years

Amsterdam Light Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary this year! We look back on a decade of light art with throwbacks, memories and a route consisting of the highlights of the past nine editions.

Edition #10

Despite the changing Covid-19 measures and the consequences for our festival, we have managed to celebrate our anniversary together with the city. Edition #10 took place from 2 December 2021 until 23 January 2022 and was a beacon of light for hundred thousands of visitors during a dark period of lockdown. We want to thank everyone for their support, kind messages and donations. We are looking forward to the next decade!

During Edition #10 the most appealing, inspiring and popular artworks of the past decade were brought back to Amsterdam. The 23 artworks consisted of the public's favourites and some new works, created especially for Edition #10. Take a look at this page to view all of the highlights.

Celebrate Light

For ten years our festival has been illuminating the dark days. To celebrate this milestone we involve the city, its residents and visitors. We celebrate together: fans were invited to vote for their favourite works, we put the spotlight on those who cannot automatically join the party and we work together with many partners.

We have got a special anniversary logo!

How it all began...

The first edition of Amsterdam Light Festival took place in 2012. In the years that followed, the festival grew to be an international stage for both renowned and upcoming artists. Through various festival themes, the artworks brought contemporary issues to light. But artists also used the art form to surprise, to tell stories and to transform the urban surroundings.