Koros Design
Edition #7

In their suspended installation A.N.N., Péter Koros and Réka Magyar (Kóros Design) use moving light to visualise a process that is similar to brain activity.

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Koros Design

The Hungarian Péter Koros (1978) and Réka Magyar (1989) have formed Koros Design since 2018 in Budapest. Koros trained as an engineer at the Szechenyi Ivstan College in Győr and then studied furniture design at the university in Sopron, while Magyar recently graduated as a fashion designer at the art academy in Budapest.

Together they make interior and lighting designs, in addition to designing inflatable light objects for theater performances and light and music festivals. Their installations are often enlargements of recognizable, iconic images. They were previously featured at Amsterdam Light Festival 2016-2017 with their pop art-like 'Bunch of Tulips'.


A.N.N.- Koros Design