Picto Sender Machine

Felipe Prado
Edition #7

The resolution of the images that Felipe Prado’s 'Picto Sender Machine' produces is not only lower than we’re used to but is actually lower than the resolution of the first-ever digital photograph from 1957.

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Felipe Prado

Felipe Prado (1981) is a Chilean multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in the visualisation of music. He creates multimedia and video installations, animations, photographs, visuals for live performances, video clips, and complete visual identities. In addition, Prado creates light art installations that often include an element of audience participation. These installations have been exhibited at (music) festivals around the world.


Picto Sender Machine- Felipe Prado

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"The artwork 'Picto Sender Machine' matches perfectly with Huis van de Tijd (House of Time), where not the disorder of Alzheimer's is central, but the person behind it."

Ronald Schmidt, member of the Board of Directors Cordaan