Light art, without festival

A new lockdown was announced by the Dutch government. Read the covid measures with regards to Edition #10 below.

The measures set by the Dutch government have a big impact on Amsterdam Light Festival. Organised (group) activities are not allowed until the end of the festival (23 January 2022). Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate our anniversary edition from the water, which we had really hoped.

In consultation with the City of Amsterdam the light artworks will remain switched on to illuminate residents and passersby. There is no festival, but there is light art. We expect everyone to adhere to the current Covid-19 measures.

1.26 Amsterdam van Janet Echelman hangt boven de Amstel.

In short:

  • As festival organization we are not allowed to organize acitivites or operations under the current Covid-19 measures.
  • The light artworks illuminate the public space from 5.00 - 10.00 p.m.
  • Festival information points are closed.
  • If crowds become too large or if people do not adhere to the measures, the City of Amsterdam will request to switch the light artworks off.

What is allowed:

  • Walking and recreational boating in the public space.
  • The maximum group size outside is 4 people, both for walking and recreational boating (unless one household).
  • The 1,5 meter distance rule is in effect for walking as well as recreational boating (unless one household).
  • Using the festival Route Map is allowed.
  • Using the festival Audio Guide is allowed.

What is not allowed:

  • No commercial boating (canal cruise/open boat/historic boat/boat rental).
  • No organized guided tours.

As a cultural foundation we suffer tremendously from the lockdown. Especially since we are not eligible for government support. Help us get through this difficult situation, so we can illuminate residents and visitors of Amsterdam next year again. Donate now!


Last update: 15-01-2022