Edition #10

Amsterdam Light Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary this year! During this special edition we reflect on ten years of light art, with the most appealing, inspiring and popular artworks of the past nine editions making a come back on the canals of Amsterdam.


From 02.12.2021 until 23.01.2022 the water route makes a comeback this year! For ten years, this unique festival experience on the canals of Amsterdam has illuminated the dark days. You will pass by the most popular artworks of the past nine editions, together with your partner, friends or family.

About twenty light artworks will be placed alongside the route. The works are a selection from our rich collection of light art. Each artwork naturally tells its own story, however, there are many common themes and stories to be shared, which you may enjoy via an audio tour on board. The most beautiful light artworks with the city of Amsterdam as their background; Edition #10 is certainly not to be missed!


Are you as excited as we are, to finally enjoy the water route again? Then head over to our ticketshop and purchase your ticket vouchers now! You can exchange the vouchers for regular tickest once official ticket sales start; this way you're secured of a spot and we get the support we need to realize this special anniversary edition.



Celebrate Light is the theme of Edition #10. We celebrate 10 years of Amsterdam Light Festival together with the visitors and residents of Amsterdam, which is why we've invited the public to vote for their favourite light artworks of the past editions. You can see the winners below; they will be on show during Edition #10. Besides, we will highlight several social issues, such as loneliness and child poverty, to remind ourselves that not everyone is able to participate in the celebrations.


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