Discover new light art and experience 'When Nature Calls' during the ninth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival. This year we'll take you on an exciting theatrical journey by foot, with the Light Walk!

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It's clear that Mother Nature has called us out these past few months. With the outbreak of the coronavirus our society has come to a complete standstill and we cannot help to stop and reflect on life around us. How could this have happened? How do we deal with nature, with animals, with plants? What can, or must be done differently? The relationship between humans and nature is on edge, and it's time to take a closer look with Edition #9: 'When Nature Calls'.

This year we’re going to explore the city by foot instead of by boat, with our brand new Light Walk. Theatrical producer Lucas De Man tells you all about it in the video below: 


The festival is realized together with artists, scientists, social partners, primary school students, residents, and educational and governmental institutions. All together we introduce a new experience. Preparations for our next edition have started and you can follow the developments closely! Read more about our projects and delve into the importance of oxygen in water, the influence of air quailty on nature, virusses versus bacteriophages and follow the creative process of technasium students.


Tickets for the Light Walk cost €12,50 (ex. service fee).Want to be the first to get your hands on a ticket? Subscribe to our newsletter! Do you have any questions? Visit our FAQ to find out more.