Curious to know more about Edition #9 'When Nature Calls'? You can find answers to all your questions here!


When does the next edition take place?
The ninth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival will take place from December 10th 2020 until January 3rd 2021. The artworks are switched on daily from 5pm until 11 p.m. On New Year's Eve they will be switched on from 5 p.m until 8 p.m.

What will Edition #9 look like?
This year in particular we find it more important than ever to 'enlighten' the city. We have developed an innovative and inspiring walk: the Light Walk. Read more about what to expect here.

Where do I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased from our website and will cost €12,50 (ex. €1,50 service costs). Tickets for kids up until 11 y/o are €1,50, if they have a smartphone and wish to do the WhatsApp experience as well please get a regular ticket. Ticket sales have not started yet.

How can I become a volunteer?
How nice to hear you want to be part of Edition #9! Find out more here

Which corona measures will be taken?
When purchasing a ticket for the Light Walk you will be required to pick a time slot; this way we ensure that there are not too many people at the start. Along the route we have taken into account the space that you need as a visitor and the route is one-way traffic.


Who organises the Amsterdam Light Festival?
Amsterdam Light Festival is a foundation with a management team and a board. The event is a private company in partnership with the municipality, the cultural sector and numerous companies. The board consists of representatives from both the cultural and corporate sectors in Amsterdam. Want to know how you can support our foundation? Click here.

What happens to the artworks after the festival is over?
When the festival has come to an end, a selection of artworks will be added to the internationally traveling collection, which is managed by Light Art Collection. A team within this organisation is actively engaged throughout the year in finding new exhibition possibilities, making sure the artworks and artists get a spotlight in cities all over the world.

How do I become a partner of Amsterdam Light Festival?
Amsterdam Light Festival is made possible with the support of many institutes, commercial companies, boating companies, hotels, restaurants, funds and educational partners. To read more about partnerships and how to get in touch with us, visit our partners page.

I am an artist, how can I participate?
The Open Call marks the start of preparations for a new festival edition; a worldwide submission call for creative light art concepts. Hereafter, during various phases, we work closely with national and international artists, designers and architects to realise the artworks especially for Amsterdam. More information can be found here.

Got another question?
You can contact us at info@amsterdamlightfestival.com