Nautical measures

How nice that you're planning to visit Amsterdam Light Festival Edition #10 with your own boat. During the festival there are different nautical measures than usual.

Before you go

The route can be found in our ticket shop (under 'Route Map'). You can activate the map here. The cruise direction is anti clock wise.

Make sure you and those on board with you are safe. A recreational boat is allowed to have max. 2 people on board according to the Covid-19 measures. (unless a household). Be aware that the other covid rules. Amsterdam Light Festival advises to follow the current rules set by the RIVM.

On the route the rules set by the police and VOB are in efffect. Next to that, you should read the measures and instructions below.

Nautical measures water route

  • It is forbidden to enter the Zwanenburgwal from the Amstel.
  • It is forbidden to enter the Entrepotdok from Nieuwe Herengracht/Scharrebiersluis.
  • The side passages of the Dirk van Nimwegenbrug are closed.

Agreements on the route

  • The water route goes through residential areas. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE BOATHOUSE OWNERS.
  • Be friendly and patience to each other on the water. Give way and prevent the formation of traffic.
  • NEVER go faster than 5-6 km/h.
  • Do not overtake.
  • Cruise in a steady tempo.
  • Do not stop near any artwork.
  • Keep the noise down.
  • Make sure you are visible on the water.
  • Pay attention to the security installations at the boat houses and light artworks.
  • Do not take pictures of the house boats interiors. Respect people's privacy.
  • Do not touch/climb on the artworks, it damages them tremendously.
  • Prefereably don't use the jetties at Entrepotdok.

Instructions on the route

  • Do not use the middle passage at the Skinny Bridge/Magare Brug, unless your boat is too tall.
  • Oncoming traffic: act like a gentleman (give each other space).
  • Use the left passage near the Amstel sluices (close to the artwork, on both ways).
  • Use the right passages at the Hogesluisbrug (both ways).
  • Use the passage to the right of the middle passage at the Toronto bridge/Torontobrug. Pass the artwork on starboard side.
  • Do not use the most right passage at the Toronto bridge/Torontobrug with regards to collision risk with a boat house.
  • Make a turn AFTER the Toronto bridge/Torontobrug, take your space and use your bow thruster, if possible.
  • Attention: at the entrace of the Nieuwe Keizersgracht the artwork is place IN FRONT OF the bridghe. Lower speed and give each other space. Only 1 boat at a time can pass through.
  • Use the most left passage at the bridge at Nieuwe Keizersgracht under the Weesperstraat, as far away from the boat houses as possible.
  • Use the most left passage at Lau Mazirelbrug, as far away from the boat houses as possible.
  • Do NOT use the right passage at the ARTIS suppliers bridge, because canal cruise boats might swing out. NEVER overtake here.
  • Stay in the middle on the Entrepotdok, try not to touch the artwork, as it is very fragile.
  • Pay attention nead the end of the Entrepotdok. Traffic is possible from the Scharrebiersluis as well as Nieuwe Herengracht.
  • Follow the buoy line and nautical signs at the Mr. J.J. van der Veldebrug.
  • Nautical Surveillance, Gemeente Amsterdam and the organization of Amsterdam Light Festival monitor the route daily.
  • Ignoring all of the above may result in hefty fines.

For questions, you can email to