FAQ: Participate

On this page you will find information about the different ways to participate in Amsterdam Light Festival. 

In what ways can I participate in Amsterdam Light Festival?

There are many ways to be part of our festival.

  • We're always looking for partnerships in the fields of art, materials, education, hospitality and media.
  • As a visitor, you can support us by purchasing a ticket via our own ticket shop, by making a donation and, of course, through positive word of mouth.
  • Next to that, every year we're looking for volunteers to make our festival a success. Read more about it below.

Why partner up with Amsterdam Light Festival?

As a cultural foundation we connect with partners who empathize with our mission: to connect and enrich people through light art. We always aim for long-term collaborations, with a sense of shared ownership.

Do you want to join in with culture and creativity? Then contact us via koenintveld@amsterdamlightfestival.com.

How can I as an artist participate in the festival?

Approximately 9 months before a new festival edition we hold an Open Call, during which creatives from all around the world can submit a concept for a light artwork. After a careful selection procedure, 20-30 concepts will be chosen and created under the guidance of the festival. Read more about our work method here.

Can I participate as an artist in the upcoming edition(s)?

No, the Open Call for Edition 12 and Edition 13 have been closed. Keep an eye out on this page for updates.

Can I become volunteer?

Yes you can! How nice that you're interested in volunteering for our festival. In the fall you can sign up via vrijwilligers@amsterdamlightfestival.com (English speakers are more than welcome). Take a look at this page for more info.

Do you work with educational institutions?

Yes, since the beginning of our festival we have been active in enthusing a new generation about (light) art. In diverse programs we focus on primary, secondary and higher education. Read more about the projects here and how you can be a part of it!


For general inquires, send an email to info@amsterdamlightfestival.com. Artists can contact us via artists@amsterdamlightfestival.com.