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On this page you can find more information about a cruise during Amsterdam Light Festival Edition 11.


Where can I purchase cruise tickets?

In our ticket shop. Here you can also find the availability and departure locations of the boat companies.

What are the departure times?

You can book cruises via our ticketshop every thirty minutes. Between 4:30 - 9:30PM cruises depart daily.

What is the duration of a cruise?

Cruises take about 75 min. An exception is Blue Boat, as they depart from the Heineken Experience and need to get to a point in the route first. Blue Boat cruises take about 90 minuten.

How many people fit on a boat?

This depends on the type of boat and boat company: canal cruises usually have a capacity of 60 to 80 persons. The open boats and historic boats can fit somewhere between 12 to 50 people. You can check this with the boat company.

How long before departure should I be present?

You are expected to be present at the departure location 15 minutes in advance so the boat can leave on time.

Can I go on another date that the one stated on my ticket?

No, you have booked the ticket for a specific date and time slot. It is only possible to go there and then.

Where can I get on board?

The departure locations differ per boat company. Please find the departure locations of our Official Partners on the map below.

How do I make sure a boat company is an Official Partner of Amsterdam Light Festival?

Official partners can be recognized (online) by the 'Official Partner logo’, see below. Next to that, there are festival flags on the departure jetties and most boats have recognizable stickers/flags. Book a ticket via our ticket shop if you want to make sure you’re cruising with an Official Partner.


What type of cruise experiences do you offer?

We classify the Amsterdam Light Festival Cruises into four main categories:

  • Canal cruises: these are covered canal boats, where you sit warm and dry. All the information about the light artworks will come to you via the official festival audio guide on board.
  • (Semi) Open/Historic Boat: in this category we have (semi) open boats (larger open sloops) and historic boats (saloon baots) where you’re in an intimate group setting. The skipper will tell you all about the artworks.
  • Private/Group Cruise: there are many boat companies with different specialties in this category.. You can make a request with the company directly for, for instance, a company event or a romantic private cruise with dinner.
  • Sailing yourself: for everyone who plans to visit the festival with their own boat we have developed the Sailing Map; with this map you not only get access to the water route and artwork information, but also the adjusted sailing rules during the festival.

What will I get to see during a cruise?

The route consists of 20 light artworks that are placed on or along the water. Every artwork has its own subject and together they tell the story of this year’s festival theme ‘Imagine Beyond’.

Is it possible to cruise with my own boat?

Yes, it is. With our Sailing Map you will get access to the route, all artwork information and the sailing rules. We strongly recommend the map, as there are special nautical rules in place during the festival due to increased traffic on the water. NOTE: a part of the route is forbidden for unmotorized vehicles (e.g. rowing boats, canoes, SUP boards).

it possible to cruise with my own boat?

Yes, it is, but please note two things: (1) about 1/3 of the route is prohibited for such type of boats, (2) we strongly advice against visiting the festival on busy days (weekends and holidays). You can find all the sailing rules and measures in the Sailing Map and on our website (page coming soon).


Is every boat heated?

Most canal cruises have heating on board. The open boats have blankets available. Check the specifications with your boat company.

Isn’t an open boat too cold in winter time?

In case of extreme cold, the boats can be (partially) covered. There are always blankets on board, making the cruise still very much enjoyable.

What about (unexpected) extreme weather conditions?

It is almost always possible to cruise the canals. If a cruise cannot take place nonetheless, the boat company will get in touch to reschedule.

Is there a guide on board?

At the open boats and historic boats there is a live guide and/or skipper who tells all about the artworks. The canal cruises have an audio guide on board.

What languages are available?

The audio guide on the canal cruises is available in Dutch and English. The guide/skippers also can speak both Dutch and English. Check the specifications with your boat company. This info can also be found on your ticket.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

This is unfortunately not allowed on board any cruise.

Is it possible to purchase snacks and drinks before or during the cruise?

This is possible with most boat companies. You can check this before.

Can I get off during the cruise?

No, this is not possible. The route is set and takes about 75 minutes. The cruise will begin and end at the same location.

Are there toilets available?

Most canal cruises have toilets on board, most open boats do not.. Check the specifications with the boat company.

Are there live vests on board?

Yes, for sure. There are also special vests for children.

Are there wheelchair accessible boats?

Yes, Blue Boat Company has some wheelchair accessible boats. Contact them a day before your cruise so they can inform you about the times. Blue Boat can be reached via +31 206791370.

Am I allowed to bring my dog on board?

Only a few boat companies allow this. Check the website of the boat company to see their policy or contact the company directly via the contact information provided on your ticket.

Can I bring a stroller?

This is not possible with most cruises. Please check with the boat company for specifications.

Is it possible to become seasick on a cruise?

That is very unlikely. The boats cruise through the canals of Amsterdam, where the water is mostly very calm.


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