Frequently Asked Questions: Walk

On this page you will find all the information about your walk experience with Amsterdam Light Festival. 

In what ways can I experience Amsterdam Light Festival by foot?

You can experience the artworks and their stories via our Route Map (digital map) or the Audio Guide (also including the digital map. Check our ticket shop

How long is the walking route?

The route is about 6.5 kilometers long.

Where can I find the route?

The walking route starts at Amsterdam Central Station and goes via the Amstel and Plantage Muidergracht, back to the Entrepotdok. The exact route incl. artwork information can be purchased in our ticket shop.

Do I need to buy a ticket for the walking experience?

It is not mandatory. The artworks are placed in public space, so they are visible and accessible to everyone. However, with one of our walk experience you will get access to the route, the exact locations and the stories of Celebrate Light.

Where do I get tickets?

All our walking experiences can be purchased via our ticket shop.

Where is the route?

The route starts at Amsterdam Central Station and goes through the eastern part of the city centre.

Why can’t I pick a date and time slot for the walking experience?

You purchase a Route Map or Audio experience that is valid for the entire duration of the festival. However, you will activate the experience as soon as you start your walk and from this moment on it is valid for 47 hours on one device. You thus cannot view the route before or after this 48-hour period.

The route doesn’t start/work. What should I do?

Please go to our information point at Amsterdam Central Station or at Blauwbrug, we will help you from there.

Are there guides for the walk?

With the Route Map and Audio experiences you will get all the information digitally. Soon we will offer walks with a live guide via our ticket shop, too.


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