Jeroen Henneman

For Edition #7 Jeroen Henneman designed the limited edition artwork, One Lamp, of which 65 unique copies are available. With the proceeds of the sale, the production of Two Lamps, the large installation that Henneman designed for the exhibition of the festival, was made possible.


One Lamp

Henneman himself describes One Lamp as a 'standing drawing'. That drawing - from an ordinary desk lamp - consists of a long, smooth line of light, which is not carried by the paper but by the air. The handmade glass tube with neon light beautifully reflects Henneman's signature.

It's not surprising that Henneman chose to enlarge a desk lamp into a work of art. He sees beauty and even poetry in everyday objects that we might not even notice, including a box, a pair of scissors, a stack of paper and a pencil. He takes them out of their context, brings them back to their essence and it's hard to lok at them in the same way. Since 1993, Henneman created desk lamps as a standing drawing in all kinds of variations, formats, and materials. One Lamp is the first small, free-standing version that he has made in neon light.

Neon light

Each individual One Lamp is hand made by master glassblower Ed Leder of Scheveningen Neon Lewa, one of the last companies in the Netherlands that produces neon objects. The manufacturing process is labor-intensive but produces a very special result.

A glass tube with the right diameter is heated up to 650 degrees and then bent and blown into the right shape. Under pressure the tube is filled with luminous neon gas. Fluorescent powder on the inside of the glass ultimately ensures the right color.

Neon has a special, almost magical light quality that is clearly visible from afar. Since its introduction at the World Expo in 1893 in Chicago, it quickly became immensely popular. Due to the growing number of alternatives - especially LED light - neon objects have become rare nowadays. The craft of neon blowing slowly disappears.

Specifications One Lamp

- h. 88 x w. 20 x d. 13 cm - glass, argon, acrylic
- edition: 65 + 10 A.P. - EU grounded plug (220-240 V)


Jeroen Henneman

Jeroen Henneman (1942) is a visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. He studied at the Amsterdam Institute for Applied Arts Education and at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp. Since then, Henneman has made paintings, drawings, graphics and even theatre performances and television programmes. He is most known for his sculptures, which he calls ‘standing drawings’. He makes portraits in this way but often chooses (seemingly) unimportant, ordinary objects with clear shapes, such as wheels, boxes or coffee cups. Henneman is guest of honour of Amsterdam Light Festival's 7th edition.