Collector's Gallery live

The items in our online Collector's Gallery are not only unique eyecatchers for your home or office, but with a purchase you support the festival at the same time.

New items added
Within 1 week our gallery was sold out - a massive thank you to all of the buyers! As of today 18 January we have new collector's items available:

  • Limited Edition One Lamp, Jeroen Henneman, 38/65, 2018, €3600
  • Digital screen on prime location in Amsterdam, value €20K, €4000
  • Framed photo print, 6 versions, Janus van den Eijnden, 2021, €500

The official Amsterdam Light Festival Collector’s Gallery
In this online gallery, you can find unique and exclusive items of the festival, the artists and their creation process. These collector’s items are a real eyecatcher for your home or office. New items will be added to the Collector’s Gallery regularly, but be quick, because the items are all one-of-a-kind.

From today on, 10 January, the following collector's items are available:

  • Framed screen print Darth Fisher, Streetart Frankey, 10/35, 2021, €3000
  • Limited Edition One Lamp, Jeroen Henneman, 37/65, 2018, €3600
  • Screen print Frankey Municipality, Streetart Frankey, AP/01, 2021, €1000

Collector's items vanaf 10 januari 2022.


Use this opportunity to not only acquire a lasting memory of the festival, but to also make sure that we can be there again next year. Together we will continue to illuminate Amsterdam!