Education project Edition 12

Every year we organize an education project for primary school students from all over Amsterdam. You can join, too! Read more about the project and how to participate.

Art education

Since the first edition of Amsterdam Light Festival in 2012 we actively aim to enthuse a new generation about (light) art. During our unique education project consisting of a series of workshops, primary school students learn about creativity, technology and light as a form of art. They make a visible contribution to an artwork in the route and visit the festival with their classmates and parents/caregivers.

Want to get a better understanding of the project? Take a look at the aftermovie of Edition 11's education project below:

Next Connection

Edition 12 will revolve around artificial intelligence and technology. The education artwork follows this theme. With his artwork Next Connection, artist Yasser Ballemans explores connections. Connections between the students, with other children in the city, connections needed for technologies and the literal connections that are made by the many bridges in the city.

Click the button below for more information about the lesson program, the workshops and educational objectives of the project.



This year we aim for 1500 students from primary schools (group 6/7/8) from all over Amsterdam to take part in our education project. You can sign up your school via the button below, or send an email directly to (please mention the number of classes and students).