The build up has begun

As of today the build up of the 20 light artworks of Edition 11 has started! Several interesting sculptures and constructions are appearing in the city... Have you spotted one yet?

A big challenge

Our team of around 50 technicians is working together with the artists to build up the light artworks of Edition 11. Each task is different: some artworks float on the water, some hang from bridges or a crane and others need to be secured in the ground. A big challenge, which our experienced crew luckily is not afraid of!

Sneak peek

Below you can see the construction of an artwork by artist duo Vendel & De Wolf. A few sticks on a floating raft... what on earth could that be? Click the little arrow on the right for a sneak peek of the artwork, and come see it in real life from December 1 onwards!

Sustainable transport

Fun fact: most of the artworks are build up from the water - quite handy in a city with many canals like Amsterdam. Our crew transports materials and artwork parts per electrical boat. To get around they also make use of these electrical boats, as well as bicycles; because as a festival we aim to minimise our footprint.