Open Call

The Open Call is closed.

The Open Call for Edition 14 (2025-2026) opens on 1 March 2024. From this date onwards, it's possible to send in a concept for a light artwork. Are you a creative with an illuminating idea? Then download the artist briefing via the button below; here you can find all the information about the process, artwork criteria and deadlines. The call closes on Sunday 14 April 2024, 23:59h (CET).


Edition 14 will take place from 27 November 2025 until 18 January 2026. This edition will revolve around the theme 'Legacy for the Future' (working title). How will we be remembered? Or... how do we want to be remembered? For the fourteenth edition we invite artists to consider these questions. More information about the theme can be found in the artist briefing.


During the Open Call we invite creatives from all over the world to submit an idea for a light artwork. Both light art professionals and newcomers can submit an idea. After the deadline, a careful selection process takes place and around twenty concepts will be selected and turned into light artworks that are part of the festival route. This all happens with technical and financial support of the festival. We encourage creatives from various backgrounds, gender identities and ethnicities to participate.