Minutes in blue

in collaboration with the Breitner Academy.

For seven editions we have offered talented students of the Breitner Academy a spot at the festival, to unfold and promote their knowledge of light art. For Edition #10, Kyra, Naomi and Kira will create a work that draws inspiration from the interplay of natural light and artificial light. The inspiration for the work is drawn from their fascination for everyday phenomena, which often pass by unnoticed. The artwork will be part of the route and on this project page you will find all the developments until the beginning of the festival!

24.01.2022 - THE ARTWORK
After having illuminated the city for 53 days, the lights are now off. Every evening 'Minuten in Blue' drew many visitors to the Schippersgracht. On this page you can read all the information about the artwork. To all partners, visitors and children: thank you!

Have you seen the artwork yet? And did you notice anything? The students have asked local residents to project a blue light from their windows, to amplify the effect of the artwork...

02.12.2021 - EDITION #10 IS HAS BEGUN!
The tenth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival has begun today. The artwork Minutes in Blue is part of the festival route and makes visitors aware of everyday light phenomena that we tend to take for granted. Experience the work in real life, with one of our cruise or walk experiences.

25.11.2021 - SNEAK PEEK
Het kunstwerk is klaar en de studenten zijn trots! Over 1 week begint het festival, waar 'Minuten in Blauw' onthuld zal worden. Hierbij wat sneak peeks van dit bijzondere lichtkunstwerk.

De binnenkant en deel van de buitenkant van het werk.

The construction of the artwork has begun! Under the guidance of the festival's technical staff, Kira, Kyra and Naomi are installing their artwork. A hard and cold task; a real glimpse into the life of a light artist.

Links zien we een technicus in de weer met het licht, rechts een sneak peek van het blauwe scherm...

01.10.2021 - LIGHT TEST
The end result not only depends on choosing the right shape and material, but also the location of the artwork is important. The students have therefore performed a light test on location!

De studenten doen een lichttest, met een prototype van het werk.

How exactly do you catch light? With this question the students went to work.

There are many phenomena of light around us. There is sunlight, moonlight and everything in between. The sky also changes colour due to a wide range of factors. And let’s not forget the light that we as human beings emit.

Kyra van Baar (1997), Naomi de Bruijn (1999) and Kira Ressing (1997) are students ‘Teacher Visual Arts and Design’ at the Breitner Academy. For Amsterdam Light Festival Edition #10 they will create a light artwork - under the guidance of teacher Aldo Kroese - which will be part of the route!

De drie studenten op een rij, kijkend in de camera.

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