Karolina Katarzyna Howorko

Architect and artist Karolina Katarzyna Howorko tells stories with space, color and light. She uses light to create a state of mind and to transform spaces and objects completely.

Architect and artist Karolina Katarzyna Howorko tells stories through space, color, and light. Her work is not limited to one medium: it includes architecture, painting, interior design, set design, and art installations. Howorko: "I like to work and use my creativity in different scales. My creative basis remains the same, though: all my ideas take shape by painting and sketching."
 Light plays a crucial role in every space she designs. Howorko: "Light can influence our mood profoundly. One cannot design a space without thinking about its lighting." This applies not only to architecture but also to set design and immersive experiences.

"Light can be used to highlight, cast shadows, expose or blur things in space, but it can also be used to transform and create movement."

Photo: Howorko, working in her studio

She draws her inspiration from everyday life: conversations with people, travel, or art. Howorko: "I love adventure, so I like to discover and try new things. Lately, I have been inspired by botanical forms. I find it interesting how these forms convey a serene feeling. That feeling is often lacking in our urban environments."

Light installations can play a similar role, the artist says. Howorko: "Light art is being used more and more to breath new life on buildings. To change our mood, thoughts, and relationship with them." The future holds compelling new perspectives. Howorko: "Calls for ephemeral installations are becoming more and more regular. Also, they happen on new sites, where it previously might not have been allowed. There is still a lot to discover!"

Karolina Howorko (1988) lives in Amsterdam and Paris. She obtained a master's degree thrice: in architecture, scenography and graphic and multimedia design. Howorko creates installations, video art, paintings, and sculptures.