FAQ: Cruise

On this page you will find information about your cruise during Amsterdam Light Festival. Can’t find your question? Contact us at info@amsterdamlightfestival.com


Where do I purchase cruise tickets?

In our ticket shop you can get your tickets for a cruise. Here you can also find the departure locations and availability for each boat company.

Do I need a Covid pass/QR code?

For every cruise experience this is necessary. The rules may be adapted during the festival and will be updated here accordingly.

Updated 30-11-21.


What do I get to see during a cruise?

In total around twenty light artworks will be placed along the route. Each work tells its own story, but there are many inspiring stories to be told within this year’s theme Celebrate Light, which you will hear via the (audio) guide. The most beautiful light artworks with the city of Amsterdam as backdrop; Edition #10 is an edition not to be missed!

What is the duration of a cruise?

Our cruises take about 75 minutes, with an exception for Blue Boat, which leave from the Heineken Experience and takbe about 90 mins.

What are the departure times?

Via our ticketshop you can book a cruise every 30 mins. From 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. and 3.00-5.00 p.m. cruises depart daily.

What is the difference between a canal cruise boat and a (semi) open boat?

Canal cruises are covered, heated boats with a capacity of up to 80 persons. Open boats are (semi) open boats, which are smaller and provide a closer view of the artworks. There are blankets in case you get cold and in case of extremely bad weather the boats may be fully covered.

What is the capacity of a (semi) open boat?

Anywhere between 12 and 35 persons; the capacity differs per boat company.

Isn’t a (semi) open boat too cold during the winter?

Moste (semi) open boats can be fully covered. Moreover, cozy blankets are provided for some extra warmth.

What about heating on board?

Almost all canal cruise boats are heated. (Semi) open boats have blankers. Check the exact provisions with your boat company.

What about extreme weather conditions?

The canals are safe to cruise druing almost all weather conditions. If a cruise is cancelled due to extreme weather, the boat company will contact you and pick another date.

How do I recognize an official partner of Amsterdam Light Festival?

Official partners can be recognized online by the 'Official Partner' logo (see image below). Next to that, they will have festival flags and banners on the departure docks and the boats will carry the Official Partner logo as well.

Where do the cruises depart from?

The departure locations are different per cruise type and boat company. On the map below you can find the locations of our Official Partners, for other locations please contact the boat company.

Am I allowed to view the artworks from my own boat?

Yes. During the festival there are adjusted nautical measures, which you may find on this page when the festival starts.


How long before departure should I arrive?

You are expected to arrive 15 minutes before your time slot, so the boat can depart on time.

Can I do the same cruise on a different day or time?

No, your ticket is bound to a certain day and time slot.

Is there a guide on board?

With the (semi) open boats the schipper will tell you all about the stories of Celebrate Light. The canal cruise boats have the Celebrate Light audio guide on board.

In what language is the (audio) guide?

The audio guide is offered in Dutch and English. The guide/schipper on the (semi) open boats also speaks Dutch and English. Please contact the (semi) open boat company what languages the guide/schipper speaks.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

It is now allowed to bring your own food and/or drinks on board of any cruise.

Can I purchase food and drinks somewhere?

Most boat companies have the option to purchase snacks and drinks on board of on the departure dock.

Am I allowed to disembark during the cruise?

No, you cannot get off the boat during the cruise. Amsterdam Light Festival cruises a route of 75 min. The boat company starts and ends from the departure location.

Are there toilets available on board?

Most canal cruise boats have toilets on boards, most (semi) open boats do not. Check the availability with your boat company.

Are there life vests on board?

Yes there are, also for children.

Can I go on a cruise in a wheelchair?

Blue Boat Company has canal cruise boats that are wheelchair-accessible. Please contact Blue Boat (via +31 206791370) a day before departure so they can provide you with more information.

Can I bring my dog?

Only a few boat companies allow this. Check the website of your boat company or contact any company to see the possibilities.

Can I bring my kid’s stroller?

This is possible with only a few boat companies. Check the website of your boat company or contact any company to see the possibilities.

Can I become seasick?

That is very unlikely. The boats cruise through the canals of Amsterdam, where the water remains relatively calm.


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